Saturday, March 2, 2013


If this is true, then it's time for me to just take a back seat and never ever stand up for Republicans again.  The one reason I vote Republican is because the mostly Conservative ideas transcend race.  You can vote for the guy regardless of his skin color because he stood for smaller government or less regulations or lower taxes or some combination of all.  And because his ideas meant that regardless of YOUR skin color you could rise to the task and government would get out of your way for you to meet your destiny.

If they need a Hispanic candidate to attract Hispanics, then they are no better than the Democrats who play this race card every chance they get.  I would be insulted if they decided they needed to field an Asian candidate to get my vote.  I would vote for the Dem merely because of the audacity.

This all means that the message isn't getting through.  So, they decide that Hispanics are stupid and need "one of theirs" to run.  How insulting and demeaning.

Referring to the state party's deep losses in recent years, Rove said it needs to focus on larger themes of restoring jobs and reducing government spending.

He also said the party must recruit candidates who reflect the diversity of the country, and in particular, California. By next year, Hispanics will overtake whites as the state's largest demographic group.
But when the term "diversity" is used it NEVER means just race.  This all means Leftist ideas will find their way into the Repub Party. And at that point, the party will have left me, not the other way around.

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