Thursday, March 7, 2013

The California 'Mordida'

VDH is back on track with this great piece:
In short, California is a wonderful place to live for Bay Area, 30-something Google executives; young, rich Stanford students; and Malibu celebrities -- or recent indigents fleeing the abject misery of Latin America and needing generous public help. But it is not such an accommodating a landscape if you are in the shrinking middle class and seeking a good-paying job in energy, construction or manufacturing; a safe daily commute on good roads; reasonable taxes; an affordable house; or a good public school.

The governor and the legislature believe that higher taxes, higher prices and more regulations are worth the pleasures of California's weather, natural beauty and chic culture. Who would leave all that for low-tax but scorching Texas or Nevada?

They may be right. I am still here, writing this column in 70-degree March weather, gazing out at the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains, amid blooming almond orchards on the small farm of my ancestors -- while computing my soaring taxes and picking up the daily litter tossed by the roadside, after another near-death experience on an archaic California freeway.
Of course he's still there.  As I have stated in my blog where I criticized (I think I was a little too harsh, to tell you the truth) his analysis of CA:
For VDH, this moment has not come. Since he seems to be fairly well off, this "number" may not be reached for some time, I imagine. The magnitude of the vandalism and burglary on his property probably seems something just above an annoyance. If this were to happen to me at where I am in life, it would be heart rendering and I would start counting the costs and making plans to move.

But for him, at some point, that moment will come and he must decide what to do. Because, from what I can tell, things will get a lot worse before they get better.

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