Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Reverse-Joads of California Low- and middle-income residents are fleeing the state. Sacramento's liberal policies may bear much of the blame.

If you've been reading my blog, you already knew this.  I analyzed the United Van Lines study and compared that to the U-Haul Index and determined that highly compensated workers were moving in, but lower middle class to the very poor were moving OUT.

But, here's the Wall Street Journal speaking:
As it happens, most of California's outward-bound migrants are low- to middle-income, with relatively little education: those typically employed in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, hospitality and to some extent natural-resource extraction. Their median household income is about $40,000—two-thirds of the statewide median—and about 95% earn less than $80,000. Only one in 10 has a college degree, compared with 30% of California's population. Roughly 40% of the people leaving are Hispanic.
The article goes on to say that while CA's low income workers are moving, they're going to states like TX to find work!!

I say, come on in!  TX has a big tent, unlike CA.

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