Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NEW: CA anti-sprawl laws fail, TX low-zoning works

Low-zoning? Try NO ZONING.  Houston has no zoning laws.  It's a free-for-all.  And it seems to work!

Having said that, you have to understand there are deed restrictions in many areas.  In fact, I live in the historic district that is pretty strict as to what gets built.  But...that isn't working well for the area, if you ask me.  All the real development, and consequently, upward trending housing prices are occurring outside the historic district.

Texas has accomplished balanced in-migration into its older city centers where California has failed. The Texas incentive model is performing better than the California disincentive model as far as sustaining the center of its older big cities while Texas suburbs are booming at the same time. Texas is accomplishing what 75 years of public housing and lending policies could not in California: an older city core that is attracting a “return to the city” by domestic and international migration and concurrent suburban growth.

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