Monday, May 20, 2013

The 'California Hydrogen Highway' Failure And Other Struggles In The Electric Vehicle Market

The problem with "green" technology?  Hype! Hype! Hype!

U.S. green energy companies face a somewhat chaotic environment at the state level, with efforts underway in 16 states to weaken renewable energy mandates that have been key support mechanisms for solar and wind power. At the same time, 18 states have moved to strengthen those mandates.

That patchwork of policies in countries like the United States and India - which also has policies that vary from state to state - is a major concern.

"There is no way any reasonable management team of a company can do meaningful corporate planning without an understanding of what the rules of the road are," said Jonathan Silver, who oversaw the Department of Energy loan guarantee program from 2009 to 2011. "We've made it incredibly difficult for people in the energy industry."
State mandating of various green technologies doesn't make things easier.  It's made it harder.  It adds a level of complexity to the market that should never have been there to begin with.

Trapped natural gas, shale oil and oil sands have been known of since the 70s if not longer.  So you could say it took 30 - 40 years for the processes to be considered economical.  Give green tech time.  LOTS of time.  Ultimately, its time will come and will be used everywhere.

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