Thursday, June 20, 2013

CA schools flunking Obamacare preparation

What. A. Mess.  There is nothing affordable about this.  What's interesting is some schools bordering Mexico offer Mexico Insurance.  It's cheaper.  But under O'bamacare, it's TOAST.
Another concern is alternative insurance. “We have a different system since being so close to the border” with Mexico, Wells said. “We are able to offer a number of employees coverage through Mexico’s health insurance. Which many employees prefer since it is much cheaper. I’ve had individuals come into my office in tears, saying it is the first time they were able to include their children on their insurance. I’ve been told that offering Mexico’s health care insurance does not qualify as care to the IRS,” which will be administrating major parts of Obamacare. “Every region is different and cannot all be treated the same.”

Kuhn added, “It is hard to say how the ACA implementation could play across the broader economy and affect health premiums, which could in turn affect large employers such as schools.”

“How employers, employees and the government are going to effectively monitor or track this monstrosity is beyond me,” Wells warned. “I have a feeling that, no matter what we do, we will eventually get penalized for something, because implementing this is just too complex and we won’t even know when we are violating provisions of the law.”

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