Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cage-fight: Rep scrambles to stop California from imposing its egg laws on other states

I've been following this for quite some time now.  Looks like Pure Democracy, otherwise known as "Mob Rule" has done it again.
King said he feels for California farmers who say they will suffer from his amendment, but believes the solution is to change the law in California.

"It was a mistake for California to do what it did," King said. "I'm sorry that that's the case. But we can't impose that mistake on the rest of America."

While the Humane Society is typically no friend of farmers, now they are working hand in hand with the egg lobby to pass a different bill, one which would standardize the size of hen cages nationwide. It's a concession for egg producers who believe a national standard could pre-empt one state from telling another how to raise its farm animals.
I say, don't do anything.  Let this thing play out.  Let California pay for it's stupidity.  Let the rest of the nation see what Mob Rule can do to you. Whatever you do, don't make the rest of us pay.

And guess wht will happen when the Federal Government starts to regulate the size of cages?  CA animal whacko lovers will say the size isn't big enough and will sue the Feds.  And who know how much that will cost.

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