Tuesday, June 4, 2013

California sues Whole Foods, Trader Joe's for selling tainted goods

Well, so much for "Organic" being safer and better for you.  But, honestly, Proposition 65?  Puh-lease.  I am more inclined to believe the idiots who brought the law suit have less of a case than Whole food and Trader Joe's.
The lawsuit accuses the retailers of failing to alert customers to the lead which is a violation of Proposition 65. The law requires businesses to warn consumers about harmful toxins in food, toys, jewelry and other products.

Here's another article that goes into more detail on the amount of lead in the ginger:
Hansen said any food exceeding the limit set by Proposition 65 poses a danger to children, who often are most vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure.

According to the World Health Organization, exposure to some compounds of lead can cause a host of diseases, including cancer, damage to the nervous and reproductive systems and the kidneys, high blood pressure and anemia. Lead exposure is particularly damaging to the developing brains of fetuses and young children, and to pregnant women.

However, Grimaldi says the lead levels set by the state are too low and don't take into account naturally occurring toxins that seep into the ground, where ginger grows.

"It's a root. You're going to naturally expect there to be chemicals," she said. "You can literally walk down the street and breathe more lead."
So, in essence, Prop 65 is protecting you from...nothing and the net effect is fewer choices for you.

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