Tuesday, June 4, 2013

California's Anti-Fracking Ideologues Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Well, I certainly agree with that sentiment:
A cottage industry has emerged, manned by environmentalists, over the alleged horrid dangers of fracking, which now rests on top of the phalanx of global warming alarmists in California. Simply Google “California” and “fracking” and you can get a glimpse. Of course, facts are an optional accessory for the environmentalists and their Democrats in this fight. Evidence of ground water contamination from fracking is as scant as rationality in the California State Capitol, which continues to push budget-busting high-speed rail in the face of zero rider demand.

Still you must give credit to the anti-fracking Democrats for ideological purity. Regardless of the facts, they stick to their environmentalist agenda – and this is hardly the first time. They have already driven manufacturing out of California - literally over a million jobs – in the name of environmentalist Nirvana.

Unfortunately for the real world, they have sent those jobs and that manufacturing in many cases to places like high polluting China – and now their pollution is making it to California, not to mention other places around the world. It is, of course, ironic, and ideological, that California’s Global Warming Law is actually going to add carbon to the atmosphere because it continues to drive manufacturing to places like China. For the unemployed in California, however, it is a cruel irony slated to get worse.

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