Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Congress: Where Food Reforms Go To Die?

We can certainly hope so!  The continuing saga of making the rest of the country suffer due to CA's STUPIDITY.  This is an NPR article, so we can have some fun with it.  The article covers two issues.  We'll ignore the second issue:

Two seemingly common-sense, bipartisan food reforms have gotten mugged on Capitol Hill in recent days. If you're a loyal reader of The Salt, you've heard of them.

First, there's the proposal — backed by an odd-couple alliance of egg producers and animal-welfare activists — to set minimum standards for the housing of egg-laying chickens. Second, the Obama administration wants to change the way the United States provides food aid to people in foreign countries, buying more of that food close to where it's needed.
Common sense indeed!  Common sense left decades ago.

The Federal Government will LOSE trying to work around the mess caused by CA's idiotic Proposition 2.  After you morons passed Prop 2 everyone realized there would be no egg farmers left in CA.  They would either close up shop or move out of state.

So, CA, in its I.S. (short for Infinite Stupidity), passed a law saying ANY eggs sold in CA must comply to Prop 2.  I think CA is well within its rights to pass a law like matter how stupid.

In the meantime, CA officials are trying to convince the regulators in the Federal Government to regulate ALL CAGES throughout the country.

Thanks for nothing, CA!

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