Monday, June 10, 2013

Diesel Cars Catching Hold in California

It's about time.  I love my diesel New Beetle.  In the city I can easily get 35 miles per gallon.  I step on the accelerator and it takes off immediately.  I just wish VW put as much thought in the interior as they did in the motor.  This thing wasn't designed for climates like Houston.
Despite Californians having a penchant for being green, Sammut says the biggest draw for buyers is the engines that can last up to a million miles. Some get 40 highway miles per gallon.

Diesels are the biggest seller at Hammer Lane Volkswagen. The VW Passat was awarded Motor Trend’s car of the year largely on the strength of it’s advanced diesel engine.

While hybrids still catch the attention of green car buyers, diesel proponents say hybrid car batteries eventually must be replaced and can be a major pollutant.
The thing about only water vapor and nitrogen being the only thing coming out of the tail pipe diesn't really sound right.  What happened to the carbon dioxide??

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