Friday, June 21, 2013

Federal nullification efforts mounting in states

Let's say, for instance, a state made 6 year old prostitution legal, that would be one thing.  But for more and more everyday acts, we are becoming criminals in the eyes of the Federal Government.  In the meantime, the Federal Government ignores heinous crimes against the people.  A good example of this is the New Black Panther guarding of the polling place initmidating people from voting.  Even though there is video available showing then doing this, the Justice Department tabled the entire investigation.

Additional to this, the Federal Government, under the guise of intense regulation is impoverishing states like West Virginia. Through their onerous regulations they have accelerated the shut down of numerous coal powered plants, throwing not only hundreds of utility workers out of work but hundreds and hundreds of coal miners out of work.  West Virginia was already known for its poverty.  Why the HELL would the Federal Government make things go from bad to worse?

A normal, compassionate man or woman would not do this.  But...the Federal Government has NEVER been about compassion. If any compassion results, it's all by accident.

It is because of the state killing regulations and what can only be labeled Lawless Acts, the states have finally had it.  Especially, when it comes to the open season on basic, fundamental Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.  The states are saying enough is enough.

Surely, you knew it would come to this?  Think about it.  A rampant and renegade Federal Government is piling more and more regulations on top of businesses and people.  How is it possible to keep up with it all?  There comes a point when, even if the states would not consciously  disobey the federal laws through laws of their own, that you just can't keep up with it... and you just tune out.

An Associated Press analysis found that about four-fifths of the states now have enacted local laws that directly reject or ignore federal laws on marijuana use, gun control, health insurance requirements and identification standards for driver's licenses. The recent trend began in Democratic leaning California with a 1996 medical marijuana law and has proliferated lately in Republican strongholds like Kansas, where Gov. Sam Brownback this spring became the first to sign a measure threatening felony charges against federal agents who enforce certain firearms laws in his state.

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