Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy 35th Birthday, Tax Revolt! Thanks For Destroying California.

Wow.  Letting people keep their money DESTROYED CA.   That's a rather amazing statement to make.
What else? Well, Prop. 13 makes tax increases all but impossible, which means California has been overtaken by a blizzard of one-off fees that technically aren't taxes and therefore can be imposed by a simple majority vote. Some of these fees are on newly built housing tracts, which means that new buyers might pay property tax rates as high as 2 percent while old-timers like me only pay 1 percent. The other fees are a confusing and inefficient patchwork of tiny surcharges on every undertaking imaginable, while still others fall on groups—like university students—who are least able to afford them. And whatever else you can say about property taxes, they tend to be fairly stable. California's overreliance on income and capital gains taxes in the aftermath of Prop. 13 has made its finances a roller coaster over the past 20 years.
One thing he neglects to mention is that those who are now buying their houses are paying a MUCH HIGHER property tax than he is,  unless Kevin bought his property at the heights of the housing boom in CA.  And if he did, that probably explains a lot of his incredible cynicism.

For sure, any government needs money from the producers.  But CA has gone way beyond what is expected of a state.  The whole purpose of this blog is to point out the wasteful, spendthrift stupidity of CA and their enormously idiotic waste of time on laws to control people and their actions.  For every law passed there is a COST. Leftists know this and just. don't care.  Because they can make the Little People pay and pay and pay.

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