Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yep.  That's the end result of plastic bag bans.  Plus they have voted to fill the pockets of giant grocery store chains by "forcing" them (wink! wink!) to charge people for paper sacks.  Boy, I bet environmentalists had to really twist their arms on that!

And who is going to pick up the tab on those who will be tossed out of their jobs by this ban?  YOU ARE!  and me!

Just wait for the first lawsuit against the city and the grocery store when someone dies of contamination.

Here's the article that this post is referencing:
The council voted 11-1 in support of the ban, with Councilman Bernard Parks casting the lone dissenting vote. Since it failed to receive the 12 votes needed to be passed outright, the ordinance will require a second vote next week.

Customers would be required to provide their own re-usable bags when they visit stores, or pay 10 cents each for paper bags.

Proponents said a plastic bag ban would lead to cleaner beaches, storm drains, rivers and other public spaces that tend to become the final resting places for the non-biodegradable bags. Representatives for plastics companies countered that it would cost jobs, while other opponents contend that reusable bags are prone to germs and could pose a health risk.

The city would hand out 1 million reusable bags in low-income areas, and WIC recipients, mothers who receive assistance to purchase food, would be exempted from the ban.

Officials said the city spends $2 million a year to clean up plastic bag litter, and the implementation of a ban would result in the loss of 15 jobs at companies within the city.
Firstly, I'd have to see the raw numbers on how much they spend to clean up "plastic bags"  I suspect either the numbers are made up or they are lumping other trash in there.

Secondly, if they are collecting so many bags, surely they recycle them, right?  I doubt it.

Thirdly, passing around reusable plastic bags to the "poor" is just setting them up for the fall.  We know reusable bags cause the spread of disease and make people sick.  Why would the city want to do this?

Fourthly, its' time for the collection of poverty caused by plastic bag bans.  I want to see the numbers of people thrown out of work and on food stamps and unemployment benefits  because of plastic bag bans.

Fifthly, I find it disgusting that they want to keep paper sacks.  You realize that this is what Leftists do, right?  They take 21st technology and toss it.  Paper sacks are INFERIOR grocery carriers.  They SUCK!

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