Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shoot The PRISM-Gate Messenger: Obama To Launch Criminal Probe Into NSA Leaks

This is really disgusting and I think Zero Hedge sums it up perfectly:
Suddenly embroiled in too many scandals to even list, and humiliated by a publicly-exposed (because everyone knew about the NSA superspy ambitions before, but with one major difference: it was a conspiracy theory.... now it is a conspiracy fact) surveillance scandal that makes Tricky Dick look like an amateur, earlier today, as expected, Obama came out and publicly declared "I am not a hacker" and mumbled something about "security", "privacy" and "inconvenience."

Yet the PRISM-gate scandal which is sure to only get worse with time as Americans slowly realize they are living in a Orwellian police state, meant Obama would have to do more to appease a public so furious even the NYT issued a scathing editorial lamenting the obliteration of Obama's credibility. Sure enough, the president did. Reuters reports that the first course of action by the US government will be to... shoot the messenger.
And in the case of the IRS scandals NOTHING will be done to those that 1)gave the orders and 2) "just followed orders" to profile conservatives seeking 501c4 status for their non-profit group.

To wrap it all up:  O'Bama and his Leftists are all for squelching our guaranteed and protected rights and prosecuting us...but God Forbid he go after those who did the squelching.

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