Thursday, June 6, 2013

The California Captivity of the Democratic Party

Here is an excerpt from the article Rush Limbaugh referenced and quoted:
Fifteen years ago, in the Atlantic Monthly, Christopher Caldwell wrote of “The Southern Captivity of the GOP,” and described how “the Republicans have narrowly defined ‘values’ as the folkways of one regional subculture, and have urged their imposition on the rest of the country.” How different the world looks today, when the regional subculture is that of the sun-dappled coast, and the folkways are progressive shibboleths such as amnesty and environmentalism and social liberalism. The Southern Democrats are long dead, the Midwestern and Rust Belt Democrats are dying, and the New England Puritan Democrats have ceded control of their party to the donors in the West. If President Obama and his party leadership have a problem with the California captivity of the Democratic Party, I cannot detect it. What they should not forget, though, is that California is known not only for its starlets and startups but also for its earthquakes.
...and mud slides and raging wildfires....

Oh, believe you me, this will ALL backfire.

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