Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Press The Media

I TOLD YOU!  Back a few months ago.

Slowly, the Mainstream Media is learning that the O'Bama White House is NOT their friend but their ENEMY.  All this covering for blatant hypocrisy, stupidity, incompetency was for what?

Not the O'Bama Administration has turned on the Press and guess what?

First come the teeth of the Mainstream Media.

Then come the long knives of the Mainstream Media.

You are witnessing the end of the O'Bama Administration.  Or at the very least, the end of the Love Fest.  Finally, we'll get back to real news gathering.  Hopefully, the Investigative Reporter will be reborn.
Agencies where the AP so far has identified secret addresses, including the Labor Department and HHS, said maintaining non-public email accounts allows senior officials to keep separate their internal messages with agency employees from emails they exchange with the public. They also said public and non-public accounts are always searched in response to official requests and the records are provided as necessary.

The AP couldn't independently verify the practice. It searched hundreds of pages of government emails previously released under the open records law and found only one instance of a published email with a secret address: an email from Labor Department spokesman Carl Fillichio to 34 coworkers in 2010 was turned over to an advocacy group, Americans for Limited Government. It included as one recipient the non-public address for Seth D. Harris, currently the acting labor secretary, who maintains at least three separate email accounts.

Google can't find any reference on the Internet to the secret address for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Congressional oversight committees told the AP they were unfamiliar with the non-public government addresses identified so far by the AP.

Ten agencies have not yet turned over lists of email addresses, including the Environmental Protection Agency; the Pentagon; and the departments of Veterans Affairs, Transportation, Treasury, Justice, Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security, Commerce and Agriculture. All have said they are working on a response to the AP.
There is only use for "secret" emails: corruption.

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