Saturday, June 29, 2013

U-Haul Index for July, 2013

I let time slip and I forgot to look into what the rates were for June.  But here they are for July.  It was a little tricky since July 4th is so close to the beginning of the month.  So I picked July 9.

The good news is the numbers are looking better.  The price for moving from San Antonio to San Francisco or Fresno has not changed: $862, $576 respectively.  But the price moving from SF or Fresno has gone down.  This is good news. It either means things are improving...or there is not much left that is moving.


Fresno ===> San Antonio   $1728      San Antonio ===>  Fresno  $576 Index: 3.0

San Francisco ===> San Antonio  $1395  San Antonio ===>  San Francisco    $862   Index: 1.618

I'm assuming this is good news.  Otherwise it could mean there are more trailers being diverted from other places to CA cities for use.

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