Monday, June 10, 2013

U S Literacy Plunges..Lowest In California, Mass Population Transfer Blamed: Full Disclosure Network(R)

I haven't watched the video yet.  But if this is right, we can expect more of this and more on a nationwide basis.
Alexiev maintains population transfers from non-English speaking countries are a threat to the two-party system in the United States. Also featured in the video is former U.C. Regent Stanley Sheinbaum who appeared in a 2010 interview on Full Disclosure Network(R) discussing the importance of election and campaign coverage by independent media saying that "if our voting system is to work properly, the voters have to be informed and educated so they know how to vote." Alexiev fears that additional amnesty programs will generate more mass population transfers, granting citizenship to people who do not read or write in their own language.

And so it goes.  Just like in CA, Leftists run rampant with their agenda, poor illiterate newly minted American Citizens who know no better vote more of them into office.  And the cycle repeats until the whole thing implodes.

We've been there.  We've seen that.

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