Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Uncovered California

The O'bama presidency is turning into an unmitigated disaster.
Covered California put out a misleading press release saying that the proposed rates on the exchange would not be much higher than existing rates. The problem was that officials were comparing the rates in the exchange only to rates in the small-employer market. Critics of Obamacare rightfully pounced, pointing out that the proper comparison was between the exchange and California’s current individual market. Avik Roy, who did the most extensive analysis of costs, found that rates were likely to rise for almost everyone who participates on the California exchange. Faced with rising insurance costs, it’s logical to expect that many younger and healthier California residents will choose to pay the cheaper Obamacare fine.
And still the vast number of people who voted for O'bama are ok with this. This is insanity.

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