Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will Coggin: Egg bill would scramble farmers, consumers

This guy is saying what I've been saying.  The result of national guidelines will only make eggs more expensive.  It doesn't solve the problem.  It only complicates it more.  It's best to let CA sort it out.

Fundamentally, the bill is a federal power grab driven by anti-farmer elements. Presently, farmers and veterinarians are given flexibility to determine the safest and most humane way to house hens. This bill would take a common tool away from the professionals and stick the federal government into every hen house.

Creating federal regulations would allow the special interest animal liberation lobby an easy opportunity to badger egg farmers in the future. Imagine if farmers invest hundreds of millions of dollars into new hen houses, only to have animal rights activists tweak standards and bring the investments crumbling down.


Make no mistake: The animal liberation activists at the Humane Society of the United States and other groups aren’t looking out for egg farmers, or any other livestock farmers. They don’t want animals used for food. The food policy director of the Humane Society of the United States has compared farms to Nazi concentration camps. HSUS, which is not affiliated with any local humane societies or pet shelters, is run by PETA-type radicals who want to get rid of meat, eggs, and dairy.

The problem won’t be solved by federal egg regulations, which would only serve this incremental animal rights agenda. The solution is to have Californians reverse the law and consequences of listening to yet another wacky activist group.

Unfortunately, he's for the Federal bill that would prevent CA from forcing out of state farmers from having to comply with Proposition 8.

I think CA ought to suffer for their own stupidity.

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