Friday, July 19, 2013

Visiting Iowa, Ted Cruz decries politicians trying to turn Trayvon Martin’s death ‘into a racially polarized battle’

I want to know why O'bama is trying to destabilize America.

Without specifically referring to Obama, Cruz said he regrets that some people have tried to take advantage of the situation for political reasons.

“I think there were some in the political sphere who tried to take a tragic encounter between George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man who was defending his neighborhood, and Trayvon Martin and to turn it into a racially polarized battled,” said Cruz.

During remarks at the White House on Friday, President Obama mentioned that if Trayvon would have been white, the whole situation would have been different.

The Texas senator said that this type of battle is unfortunate and corrosive to the political discourse. He also took the opportunity to praise Obama for telling the nation that we need to respect the jury’s verdict.

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