Sunday, August 25, 2013

California’s ‘truck-n-bus’ fiasco

The systematic destruction of a state continues unabated.

Ultimately, even if you are concerned about particulates as a pollutant, or about greenhouse gas emissions, then you should still oppose these kinds of regulations, because they are doing far more harm than good.

We have millions of Californians out of work, and these regulations impede job growth and diminish much-needed tax revenue. Secondly, the trucks will fuel up out-of-state, depriving California of the revenue to offset the damage to our roads. And lastly, the trucks will travel twice the distance to get into and back out of the state, doubling their impact on pollution and greenhouse gases. So much for the good intentions of CARB, which passed regulations that will cost us jobs and tax revenues, without doing anything about the problem it purports to solve.

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