Saturday, August 3, 2013

Detroit’s Bankrupt. Is California Next?

Nothing will happen.  Nothing will change.  CA will implode.
In a promotional video, City Journal’s Joel Kotkin, Andrew Klavan, Heather Mac Donald, and Victor Davis Hanson all contribute their insights into the state’s many troubles. Out-of-control public-employee pensions are draining the state’s coffers, and the widespread and powerful unions want more. The green movement has hijacked the promise of the state’s abundant natural resources and made them inaccessible to investors and innovators; the untapped oil and gas in the Monterey Shale could spur a California energy renaissance — if Sacramento would allow it. 

California is not the "beauty queen". She WAS the beauty queen before she smoked too many cigarettes that ruined her beautiful singing voice, dried and wrinkled her face and now she has that damn cough that sounds like she's coughing up a lung.

That's who she is now. Will she stop before her cancer metastasizes and she becomes terminal?

I don't think so,

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