Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Legislator calls for more California companies to put women on their boards

Today's "suggestion" is tomorrow's mandate.

Acknowledging that her resolution isn’t a mandate, Jackson called it “a symbolic show of support” that’s intended to “start a discussion here in California.” Jackson noted that California and the United States lag far behind countries like Norway, France and Spain, all of which have passed legislation requiring their companies to reach quotas of 40 percent women as board members.

In the last eight years, California has seen “shockingly little change” in the number of women on corporate boards of the state’s 400 largest publicly held companies, according to UC Davis researcher Amanda Kimball, who conducts the university’s annual study of female representation in corporate settings. “At this rate, it would take more than 100 years to reach gender balance,” she said.

In its most recent study, issued last December, UCD reported that only 10 percent of those 400 companies had board seats occupied by women, with the worst record held by the state’s semiconductor industry.
Don't you just love the "shockingly little change" scare quotes?

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