Sunday, August 4, 2013

U-Haul Index for August 2013 Fleeing San Francisco.

I almost forgot!

The price for renting a U-Haul truck from San Antonio to San Francisco has plummeted from $862 down to $616.  The price for renting a U-Haul Truck from San Antonio to Fresno went UP from $576 to $614.

Just to remind you, I am basing these numbers on the truck used for a two bedroom apartment.

So, it looks like the trucks are in high demand in the SF to SA route.  Even fewer are making the trip the other way.  Not a good sign.

Fresno to SA hasn't changed.  But it looks like there has been a slight demand for trucks to Fresno.  But the difference is small.

So here are the numbers for August:

August 6th, 2013
Fresno to San Antonio:  $1728 (no change from last month)
San Antonio to Fresno: $614 (up $38 from last month)

San Francisco to San Antonio: $1674 (Up $274 from last month)
San Antonio to San Francisco: $616 (down $246 from last month)

What really stands out is the Index number for each:  SA/Fesno route: 2.814   SF/SA route: 2.718

The SF/SA route took a huge jump in the index.  Last month was 1.618

So, I think we are looking at EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FLEEING.  Proportionally, SF and Fresno are now equal.  The pace has indeed picked up with people leaving SF.

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