Friday, September 27, 2013

California to review toxic substances in consumer products

This is amazing.  The writer of the article thinks a HUGE GOVERNMENTAL BUREAUCRACY is better than passing laws.  Yet another agency that will run out of control causing wide spread angst.  Approval of new substances will take decades.  In the end, nothing will get done.  All of the available products already being sold will cost more.

But is that all that will happen?  Of course not!  We've been down this road before many times! Not only will new product innovation cease, people will be not only no safer, they will be LESS SAFE due to the bureaucratic bungling that always follows.

And as usual, agencies such as this will find themselves populated with agenda-driven employees.  Employee sport will be overpopulated by former Sierra Club and ELF members.

It doesn't take a genius to see where this is headed.  Just more CA completely out of control.
In the past, the state took a piecemeal approach. Lawmakers would ban specific chemicals from particular products, such as bisphenol A in baby bottles and sippy cups.

That's being replaced by a more systematic approach. Under the new rules, which go into effect Oct. 1, the state will identify classes of products for review, such as nail polish. Manufacturers will then have to perform detailed analyses to justify whether hazardous chemicals are needed or whether substitutes are available.
Yeah, right.  At some point, companies will just get fed up with the crap and by-pass CA altogether.

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