Monday, September 2, 2013

California's Union-Sponsored War on Farmers

I just don't know why we put up with this sort of stuff.  It always ends the same way.  Fewer jobs.  Poorer people.

Mr. Gerawan says an imposed contract would hurt his ability to manage staff and resources and could ultimately force the farm out of business. In addition to the dues, the United Farm Workers general counsel Mario Martinez says the union wants full-blown pension plans and more expensive medical benefits.

The Gerawans and their workers have been resisting the union power grab. First, the Gerawans complained to the state's Agricultural Labor Relations Board that the union had abandoned Gerawan workers two decades ago, and therefore mediation was inappropriate. The five-member board, dominated by left-leaning academics and labor attorneys, rejected the complaint because the union was never officially decertified. Most of the current workers were unaware that the union was ever certified, since 95% of them weren't around in 1990 when the vote took place.
I would shut the farm down and burn the fields if this happened to me.

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