Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ninth Circuit upholds California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard

What does this mean? I'll tell you.  But first, here is the moneyshot:

"Unless and until either the United States Supreme Court or the Congress forbids it, California is entitled to proceed on the understanding that global warming is being induced by rising carbon emissions and attempt to change that trend," wrote Judge Ronald Gould in the majority opinion. "California, if it is to have any chance to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, must be able to consider all factors that cause those emissions when it assesses alternative fuels."

The regulations, known as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, were enacted in 2007 as part of AB32, the landmark global warming bill championed by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fuel standard requires the oil industry to gradually reduce the "carbon intensity" of transportation fuels like diesel and gasoline by at least 10 percent by 2020.
I guess the possibility is that this will go up to the Supreme Court.  But what if the US Supreme Court decides that the law is constitutional?

For one thing, one of the main sources of fuel, Canadian Oil Sands will be BANNED from being used to supply oil to refineries in CA, in effect requiring CA to get its oil supply from unreliable, mercurial Middle East - something we have been trying hard to curtail.  As other sources dry up and the oil sands supply a greater and greater amount to the US, CA will find their sources growing scarcer and scarcer.  I guess they are hoping that by then they will be completely free of fossil fuels altogether.  Yeah, keep dreaming.

What this also means is the fuel additive ethanol will continue to be exported from Brazil and American produced ethanol from corn will continue to be BANNED.  The result is the WORLD TRADE in ethanol is severely skewed as the American ethanol will be EXPORTED to Brazil to replace the sugar ethanol that is IMPORTED into CA. (Corn to ethanol is a completely different topic.  I don't want to go there)

So what will happen?  CA could become a FUEL DESERT.  In effect, driving more and more people out of their state into the loving bosom of states like, oh, take your pick.  ANY state as long as it's not CA.

And all of this is based on a completely fallacious idea of Global Fucking Warming.

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