Thursday, September 19, 2013

Obamacare Doctor Rationing Begins in California

So, the rationing starts immediately.  That surprises me.  Fewer doctor choices under Obamacare equates to longer waiting periods.  Looks like General Practitioner offices will start to look like Emergency Rooms.

For example, the Times reported that the insurer expected to offer the best prices on California’s health-insurance exchange next year is Health Net. But enrollees in its plans will have access to just 2,316 physicians in Los Angeles County. That’s one-quarter of the physicians available to enrollees in an Anthem Blue Cross plan, and less than half of the doctors available to enrollees in Kaiser Permanente’s exchange-qualified plans. Cheaper plans with limited networks and access to fewer providers should be options for consumers, but Obamacare is effectively forcing low-income Californians into this kind of coverage.

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