Thursday, September 12, 2013

VDH: One California — or two?

I think VDH words things in such a way to diminish the seriousness of the situation yet at the same time plainly laying it all out:
So will California recover its past glory — or go the way of Detroit? It may do both.

Coastal greens, progressive Bay Area homosexuals, liberal urban elites and hip dot-com workers will probably not soon flee the temperate, scenic corridor from Berkeley to San Diego. For at least a while longer, they will be wealthy and confident enough to afford the living costs that high taxes and a myriad of regulations ensure.

Yet for the strapped middle classes in the interior of the Los Angeles basin and the Central Valley, there is a perfect storm raging. They can ill afford the soaring taxes, high unemployment, costly illegal immigration, escalating crime rates, substandard roads, record power and gas prices, underwater home values and dismal schools.

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