Monday, October 28, 2013

American Boondoggle Meets Chinese Methods

There are too many stories like this.  Bold BIG dreams that disintegrate into money wasted.
From Wolf Richter at Testosterone Pit:

BYD stands for “Build Your Dream.” And maybe that’s what they’re trying to do in China. But here they’re building a nightmare, lushly funded by hapless American taxpayers – and they paid Chinese workers in California $1.50 per hour to do it. Next time Gov. Brown and et al. go on begging missions to China, they need to keep that in mind.
In fact, I reported on the article that ran a few months ago. I guess it didn't work out very good...

 This reminds me of a story I thought I covered earlier: Millions spent on California water-storage plan that leaks.  Ideas that just aren't well thought out....
“They had a great vision,” said Reddy Pakala, who as Ventura County’s water director was expecting to benefit from the 18-mile-long trough running below orchards, tree farms and ranches. “It doesn’t work the way they told us it would work.” The Las Posas Basin Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project, about 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles, illustrates the risks of what’s known as groundwater banking — warehousing water below ground in aquifers to pump out during dry spells or emergencies.

Imagine a bathtub beneath the earth. If geologic conditions are right, water can be added to such a basin, supplementing naturally occurring groundwater and creating a reserve for future use, much like a water tank.

But at Las Posas, water instead disappeared.

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