Saturday, October 12, 2013

California environmentalists, logging industry lock horns over burned trees

So, even DEAD TREES are sacrosanct.  What idiocy.
"If any good can come of this tragedy, it would be the timely salvage of fire-killed timber that could provide employment to local mills and desperately needed economic activity to mountain communities," said McClintock, a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources.

But Rep. Peter DeFazio, ranking Democrat on the committee, said McClintock's bill—which was heard in a committee hearing Oct. 3—"would be a license to clear-cut the entire burn area."

DeFazio said he supports more limited salvage logging, while some environmental groups back almost none at all, saying it hurts forests by removing trees that provide nutrients for soil and habitat for wildlife.
So the ten, twenty, thirty or so years of tree growth that results in thousands of tons of pine needles, leaves, dead tree limbs aren't enough to  fertilize the soil?

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