Thursday, October 24, 2013

California Gives Break to Job Seekers With Criminal Past

This is incredible.  A Leftist State pass so many laws that one can't HELP but be charged with something.  Then realizes it, yet keeps all of those laws on the books.

Did it ever occur to these guys that the solution would be to get rid of the laws that are turning people into criminals?  Anyway, this article just doesn't make any sense at all:

California, with the most state and local government employees in the U.S., won’t ask job applicants if they’ve been convicted of a crime, in recognition that growing numbers in the workforce have such records.

A bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown requires that state and municipal governments first determine if an applicant is qualified for the job before asking if he or she has a criminal past. It doesn’t stop the agency from doing so later nor does it prohibit background checks before hiring.
Same with the Federal Government.  Instapundit has covered the problem of criminalizing everything often enough:

With the proliferation of criminal law, everyone is a criminal of some sort, whether they know it or not. That means that the most important decision is the decision whether to prosecute. But while we’ve larded criminal procedure with due process, the decision to prosecute — or not — is almost entirely discretionary on the part of prosecutors. We either need to cut back on the criminalization (my first choice) or start cabining prosecutorial discretion.


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