Friday, October 25, 2013

California gun grab triggers Colorado-style recall launch

Let's hope this works.   For places like Oakland where the crime is out of countrol, restricting firearms is no help at all.  In fact, it's putting more people in harms way.
The recall effort is being organized by the newly formed group Free California with the support of Gun Owners of California and several Republican state legislators, including Mr. Donnelly, who’s also running for the 2014 Republican gubernatorial nomination.

The drive comes two weeks after Gov. Jerry Brown signed 11 gun-control bills, including a ban on lead ammunition for hunting, and vetoed six others. Among those vetoed was a bill to ban all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, which would have included many popular hunting rifles and was considered the worst of the bills by gun-rights groups.

Free California spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns said organizers have identified a half-dozen Democratic legislators as possible recall targets, based on their voting records, the party registration in their districts, and the number of valid signatures required to force a recall election.

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