Sunday, October 27, 2013

California Makes U.S. Citizenship Obsolete

Another great example that Leftists really never gave a shit about the little guy - the little US CITIZEN guy, that is.  All that matters is their ideology.  YOU can go to hell as far as they are concerned.

One of the historical hallmarks of tyrannical regimes is selective law enforcement. In California, leftist Gov. Jerry Brown has signed bills into law that have enshrined selective enforcement with regard to illegal aliens, violating federal immigration law in the process. His equally leftist Attorney General Kamala Harris has also decided the state will do whatever it wishes in terms of complying with federal law. Both of them do so with the utmost confidence that a compromised DOJ run by a corrupt Attorney General is more than willing look the other way. Eric Holder is confident he can look the other way because he has a “kindred soul” in President Obama, who unilaterally and unconstitutionally granted de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, bypassing Congress in the process–even as that same Congress currently plots behind closed doors to reward millions of law-breakers in return for cheap votes and cheap labor.

This is where America stands in 2013. If left unchecked, one of the great ironies of all time may eventually be realized: millions of illegal aliens who have come to America to escape a Third World ethos, where the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of man, may discover, for all intents and purposes, they are right back where they started.

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