Friday, October 18, 2013

Covered California removes online doctor directory riddled with wrong information

There is a lot I didn't cover in my 40 Years Of Obamacare that I could have.  Who would have thought that the Federal Government couldn't even get a website right after THREE YEARS?

The California Medical Association said it found mistakes such as obstetricians labeled as ophthalmologists and the wrong doctors described as fluent in Russian and Farsi, the Los Angeles Times reported ( ).

The search tool for doctors and hospitals has been offline since Oct. 9 while fixes are being made. An exchange spokesman told the Times it might be restored sometime in the next week.

The site's shutdown may prove to be a headache for California residents signing up for coverage under the new federal health care law.
To be fair, the insurance companies ran into the same issue...

...back in 1997.

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