Monday, October 28, 2013

Fed govt: No, Nevada, you cannot have oil-and-gas prosperity

And you know my #1 Posit: Disallow the Federal Government from owning land. The Federal Government amazingly owns over 84% of NV.  How is this possible?

They own so much of it, NV can't do a lot of drilling for oil like could have otherwise.

The only major obstacle to this potential boon? You guessed it: The federal government owns and controls most of Nevada, and while they will occasionally auction of some mineral rights and approve some drilling permits, they have steadily blocked the type of large-scale development we’re seeing elsewhere in the country. Unfortunately for Nevadans and Americans in general, that energy development could provide, according to one study’s estimates, more than 21,000 jobs and $100 million in revenue for Nevada — i.e., exactly the type of economic growth of which we’re sorely in need.

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