Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fixing California: Regulation gone wild

Well, hey, you guys in CA voted for Democrats.  Did you expect anything different?  Wow.  An amazing article.
On March 12, 2009, officials from the California Air Resources Board met with representatives of U.S. automakers and auto-supply firms to discuss vehicle-paint standards that state regulators were moving to implement. Soon afterward, the auto-industry insiders’ WardsAuto website detailed how the meeting had left some attendees stunned — and major paint suppliers “tearing their hair out.”

The air board wanted to require heat-reflecting paint on vehicles as part of its effort to improve fuel efficiency. But its proposed “cool paints” initiative would have amounted to a de facto ban on black cars and trucks. And there was a fatal shortcoming with the board’s plan: Such vehicle paint didn’t yet exist.

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