Saturday, October 5, 2013

Texas Vs. California: Wide Gap In Policy Opposites

Wow!  A lot of good articles this weekend.  This one in IBD by Laffer:

In education, the single most important function of state and local government, student test scores administered by the U.S. Department of Education show Texas ranks a little above average among the 50 states while California remains stuck in the bottom five.

The same story holds for highways. And when it comes to poverty as a share of population, Texas has a lot less of it than California.

As this comparison makes clear, the economic policies that work best at the state level are those that promote growth. Many states — from Texas and Kansas in the heartland to Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan in the Midwest to Florida and Tennessee in the South and New Jersey in the Northeast — are embracing this model.

The more states that move toward this training regimen, the better off all Americans will be. The issue of good governance isn't about personalities or ideologies; it's about results. Raising taxes is not the answer to any question.

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