Friday, October 25, 2013

ObamaCare website ranks with the "World's Worst Airline" North Korean website

As I read this article I was struck by the similarities in the problems with the North Korean website with the problems that have plagued the Obamacare website.

From CNN:

After multiple trials to book a one-way ticket from Shengyang to Pyongyang, we failed to secure any reservation. Instead, we ended up with this message day after day: “We cannot find any flights for your flight schedule. Please change your schedule and try again.”

Other users have also reported slow response speeds, availability issues and other errors, according to Britain's The Telegraph.

The Korea Times reported that Air Koryo launched its website about one month after the "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong-un carried out an unannounced inspection of North Korea’s main air hub Sunan International Airport in July.

Kim called upon North Korea "to catch up with international standards" during the visit.
Yeah, we need nationalized healthcare like the rest of the world.   We need to catch up with them!

"Dear Leaders" from both countries fail miserably!

Here's one of the earlier reports of the ObamaCare website:

During the first few hours of a six-month enrollment period for health coverage via the online marketplaces, both state-run health insurance exchanges and, which is the portal for residents of more than 30 states, were plagued by crashes, long load times and error messages. The exchanges, also called marketplaces, are intended for people who don't get health benefits at work or are uninsured.

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