Friday, October 25, 2013

Over-Reaching California EPA Regulators Promoted A False Breast Cancer Link

That's a shocker!  The CA EPA overstating cancer claims?  No way!

All CARB and CA EPA have done is lie about the "health benfitits" of getting rid of diesel or coal power plants or other such nonsense.  And the deal with second hand cigarette smoke is a dead horse that people just keep beating.

At the time of the Cal EPA report, two prominent epidemiologists (one of whom was the Vice President for Epidemiology at the American Cancer Society ) came out and publicly criticized the agency’s conclusion that the evidence supported an association of ETS with breast cancer.

Furthermore, during the public comment period, a number of scientists (myself included) wrote in to correct errors and omissions in the draft report. However, there is no evidence that critical comments were given any attention by the agency.
They ignored the experts.  As the saying goes, why let the facts get in the way?

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