Friday, October 4, 2013

What Is the Actual Status of Carbon Capture Technology?

IEEE website asks this question, and it is a good one.  For power plants to lower their carbon dioxide, they have to do something with it.  The easiest - well, most straightforward solution is to bury it.

Since the EPA is pushing this idea hard, they must think that CO2 sequestration could be considered "conventional technology".

But is it?

Apparently, not.

Integrated gasification combined-cycle technology involves coal gasification and then the separation of carbon dioxide from other flue gases, including those containing nitrogen. Can Kemper be considered a demonstration of a technology ready for commercialization? By no stretch of the imagination.


All that is well and good, but of course [technology developed at Schwarze Pumpe] does not add up to having a demonstrated technology ready for commercial deployment.
So, the EPA is pushing technology that isn't ready for commercialization.  And we will all pay the price.

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