Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Activist Tom Steyer launches California oil tax campaign

Because if there is one thing CA needs is more money since they've done such a bang-up job with the money they have already.
Environmental activist Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democrat who poured millions of dollars into 2013 campaigns around the country, launched a political drive Monday in his home state to call for an oil extraction tax that he argues will raise billions in revenue for California.

Steyer, in an opinion piece published Monday in The Chronicle, outlined what he said will be an aggressive effort by NextGenClimate Action, his political action committee, to "shine a very bright spotlight on an indefensible corporate tax giveaway that is costing California and its future."
I'm all for CA taxing the oil and gas out of the ground.  But, CA's problems are so deep and entrenched, money will not ever, ever solve those issues.

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