Monday, December 2, 2013

Bakers, Mustard Makers Break Free Cottage food bill opens up sales from home kitchens

I reported on this some time ago.  I still don't like all the red tape, but it is more of a "California Compromise" if anything else.

And it works:

After a successful surgery, Hytken started baking. But health code regulations prohibited her from selling her many banana breads: chocolate chip, walnut, original, organic and gluten-free.

That changed earlier this year when Hytken became the first person in Humboldt County to receive a Cottage Food Operations permit under a new law that went into effect on Jan. 1. The law rips through decades of red tape that forbade sales of non-refrigerated homemade goods. The list of items that people can now make at home and sell to the public includes jams, jellies, granola, trail mix, chocolate-covered nuts, popcorn, vinegar, mustard, roasted coffee and any baked goods that do not contain cream, custard or meat fillings.
And it looks like the cottage industry is exploding.  I think this list is only for county Hytken is in:

Arcata Bay Llamas (Class A), Sherria Tyler, 822-8661. Plum jam and lavender and chamomile tea.

The Banana Bread Cottage* (Class A), Mary Ann Hytken, 443-5021. Banana breads.

Carlene and Anthony P. Coglaiti (Class B), 668-5550. Specialty breads, including bread bowls for Adel's in Eureka and naan for Bollywood Indian Cuisine.

Ewe So Dirty Products (Class A), Jamie Cohoon, 764-2161, Lanolin products from Cohoon's sheep, including lip balm, soap, massage oil and lotion.

Granny Be Jammin* (Class A), Cindi Hebard, 445-8362. Local fruit jams and jellies, raspberry bread and pies.

Honey Apple Farms (Class A), Rochelle Honig, 496-9958. Plum, strawberry and strawberry-rhubarb jams and apple butter.

Humboldt Hens (Class A), Autumn Glock, 672-2576. Jams, jellies, preserves, cakes, cookies, breads, marshmallows, candies and lozenges.

A Little Sugar Rush* (Class A), Jennifer Troeger, 499-6586, Specialty cupcakes (strawberry, mimosa), pies and breads for small gatherings. Norton Creek Farm (Class A), Roger L. Smith, 839-0786, Dried fruits and vegetables.

The Old Farmhouse Bakery (Class A), Charlou Weaver, 768-2057. Breads (white, wheat and flax) and cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter and coconut). Closed for the season.

Trident Lightning Farms (Class A), Danielle Newman, 633-5467. Plum, blackberry and peach jam and lemon marmalade.

*Available at the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand (5851 Myrtle Ave., Eureka).

I think California needs to ponder on this and see what a success removing onerous regulations can do to lift the people out of poverty and empower its citizens.

I just hope we can see more of this and see the next Golden Age of the Golden State.

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