Monday, December 30, 2013

EPA air pollution scare debunked by best data set ever assembled on particulate matter and deaths

I always thought the EPA's war on particulate matter (or PM) was a pile of crap.  Now the data is coming in to show it. you think this will change the narrow minds at the EPA?   More likely, they will double down.

Based on a comparison of air quality data from the California Air Resources Board and death certificate data for 854,109 deaths from the California Department of Public Health for the years 2007-2010, no correlation was identified between changes in ambient PM2.5 and daily deaths, including when the analysis was limited to the deaths among the elderly, heart and/or lung deaths only, and heart and/or lung deaths among the elderly. Although this is only an epidemiologic or statistical study that cannot absolutely exclude the possibility that PM2.5 actually affects mortality in some small and as yet unknown way, these results also illustrate that it would be virtually impossible to demonstrate through epidemiologic study that such an effect actually exists.

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