Wednesday, December 18, 2013

EPA: Chevron Violated Law at California Refinery

All this proves is that the EPA is a completely worthless watchdog and enforcer of any regulations and laws.  But they demonize Chevron in order to make themselves look as clean as the wind driven snow.

Go ahead!  Fine them out of existence and tack on another two dollars to the price of a gallon of gas!

Jared Blumenfeld, EPA's regional administrator, said investigators determined Chevron's culture does not place high enough emphasis on safety. He said the company failed to verify that its own risk management plan was being used by refinery staff.

"The reward system is focused on the number of running hours of the facilities, and how that affected bonuses and performance," Blumenfeld said. Chevron "needs to impose one where the risk management plan is put into everyone's job."
Of course!  It's Capitalism's fault!  Doh!

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