Monday, December 16, 2013

Health insurance enrollment by Hispanics is lagging in California

What a surprise!  I said a few months ago, once the illegal aliens see how much this is going to cost them, they would regret ever trying to be legal!  And the ones who are already legal, regret it even more.

Even though the administration has not released national Hispanic enrollment numbers, the California figures are a “red flag” for what might be happening more broadly, said Gabriel R. Sanchez, a pollster specializing in the Hispanic community and head of the Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico.

“California was supposed to be out in front of the pack on marketing efforts targeting Latinos,” he said. “The fact that their numbers don’t look good is pretty dire for the administration.”
It all comes down to the numbers.  Over 9 million Hispanics are eligible to buy insurance on the exchanges.  Most likely the numbers are coming in at the tens of thousands level.

What does this say?  It says the MILLIONS who don't have insurance either find the cost still to high or they just don't think they need it.

So, why force them?  What goodwill do you think that will get for you?

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