Monday, December 30, 2013

Next Shoe To Drop In Broke California’s Lopsided 'Recovery'

Wolf's use of the word "lopsided" is a good one.  If you have a degree and in demand, youre REALLY in demand.  Otherwise, you're toast.
If you come to San Francisco or Silicon Valley and look around, you’d arrive at the conclusion that California is booming, that companies jump through hoops to hire people, that they douse them with money, stock options, and free lunches. You’d see engineers spend lavishly and drive up rents and home prices to where landlords react with record evictions of the less-lucky. You’d see Google buses bring in people and trigger mini-demonstrations. You’d see entire layers of long-time residents getting pushed out because it has just gotten too expensive. In San Francisco, you’d see throngs of tourists from China and other places, spending money hand over fist. And there are a few other pockets in California where money is no objective.

But in the rest of the state, the picture isn’t that rosy.
A friend reminded me of the acronym "SNAFU".  I thought that would be an apt description...

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