Friday, December 27, 2013

Peachtree Rock....has toppled

Crap.  I used to go there as a kid, just to see he inverted rock.  It was pretty amazing.

When I was in the 8th grade back in 1969 or 68, I've lost track. Tommy, my best friend, told me about this place called Peachtree Rock.  Sounded like fun so his mom drove us out into the sticks and dropped us off.

From a geological standpoint it was amazing.  Coquina everywhere.  Sandstone everywhere.  A small waterfall to boot.  Tranquil and serene.  Great hiking territory with rolling hills.

And the most amazing thing was the inverted pyramid rock.  At the time you could climb it and stand on it.  But over time, erosion and people defacing it by chipping away at the base have caused it to fall.

Tommy and I collected rock samples and I gave a presentation in my 8th grade geology class.  The science teacher, Mrs. Pamela Cromer was pretty impressed.  In fact, a few years later she was voted Outstanding Teacher and went on to work for the State.

No one ever said, but I think she in turn told others about Peachtree Rock, because within a few short years it became a State Park.  Anyway, I like to think that maybe I had something to do with it.

Here's a picture of the rock before the fall:

Here's the link to the video.  As usual, Blogger won't display non-youtube videos.

Here's a video of the rock from youtube:

And here's a video of the small waterfall.  Just to the left of the fall are some small holes.  Later, in college, I took a date out to the area.  I had hidden a bottle of wine in one of the holes.  I impressed the heck out of the woman when I produced it.

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